Start Your Prepaid Wireless Business Today!

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Do you want to start your own prepaid wireless business? Can you invest a few dollars? If you answered yes to both questions then continue to read.

We at Ring Me Up-Scotty have made becoming a prepaid wireless dealer affordable and fast. We don’t charge the going rates to becoming a prepaid wireless dealer. We think charging $300 – $500 to becoming a prepaid wireless dealer is ridiculous so we decided to make becoming a prepaid wireless dealer affordable for everyone. Only $25 per account!
When you order your dealer account we will give you everything needed to start your business right away.  We will give you suppliers for cell phones and accessories, sim cards, pins for adding minutes to your customers phone and much more. We will also give you training guides on how to use your new dealer account. Click the buy now link to order your dealer account and get setup with your account within 24 hours.  Your dealer account will never expire and you will never be asked to pay anything else to keep your dealer account.

Here’s what you will get when you order.

  • Dealer portal to activate phones & add minutes, change phone numbers.
  • List of cell phone suppliers & sim card and pin suppliers .
  • Cell phones at dealer costs and all phones will be unlocked.
  • Your dealer account will be registered to you or your company.
  • There will be no other cost involved.  IT’S YOURS!
We now offer unlimited phone flashing for only $75 monthly
Flash unlimited phones. Contact us to sign up
We now offer pin portals to our dealers.

If your looking to make life easier by having instant access to pins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you came to the right place.

You will have access to pins from every carrier.

Start making money adding pins today.

You will make 13% on every pin.


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